Prayer Team Training (with Lunch)

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Proposal: We are planning to develop a Prayer Team that will call and agree with people in prayer. Team members will call several attendees of our congregation every week (potential others as well) and pray with them over the phone for their prayer needs.

Goal: The main goal is to strengthen relationships by providing supp5-minuteort for families and individuals through prayer calls and visits. As we seek the kingdom of God, we want to do what the word teaches us, that is to pray with one another (James 5:16).

Calls will be mostly 5-minute calls and we also hope that everyone will receive a call from the church at least once every month.

Invitation & Training: We are inviting people who feel called into ministry to sign up for this cause. Training and resources on how to handle these calls will be offered. It is not only an opportunity to serve but an opportunity to grow in the knowledge of Jesus and Scripture.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Rue Sithole (804-418-9369) or Pastor Dan Wagner (610-291-8846). There’s a “Form” that needs to be filled up & return to them (available at TCC).